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Wellmed is a Multi-Speciality Clinic

Wellmed is a Multi-Speciality Clinic covering Urology, General Medicine, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Sports Medicine, catering to all patient profiles – from Pediatric to Geriatric.

Wellmed aims to improve the assessment, diagnosis and treatment - including rehabilitation and return to active lifestyle persons...

For persons suffering from urology/andrology problems, Wellmed offers detailed evaluation, expert opinion, and latest treatments.

For people concerned with their health status, Wellmed offers wide range of health check-ups/ screenings with General medicine Consultation and guided treatments.

For people suffering from acute and chronic injuries, disorders affecting the musculo-skeletal system as well as lifestyle ailments, Wellmed offers detailed assessment, expert consultation and treatment – including rehabilitation and return to active lifestyle. This includes injuries to the bones, joints and soft tissues of both the upper and lower limbs as well as more central spinal problems.

For people seeking help for psychiatric diseases Wellmed offers expert opinion and treatment by a renowned Psychiatry consultant.

Wellmed also offers radiological services for diagnosis of various conditions and certain cosmetic services.

Wellmed clinic aims to treat the medical conditions successfully and also to identify any possible underlying cause to minimise the chance of recurrence as well as offer preventive care.

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